All Inforads are really easy to use. They are designed to help protect you, your licence, other road users and pedestrians. Heres what some of our customers think of their Inforads.

R Read, Twickenham

I bought the motorcycle version yesterday, fitted it and went riding. It is a great piece of kit and is great value for money. No biker should be without one..!

D Chandler, Brentwood

I had the inforad system fitted to my bike a couple of weeks ago. Inforad saved me 3 points as I would not have seen the camera in time without it. I would recommend this system to all bikers.

R Godino, Croydon

Fitted the kit. One good hour. Went out on the bike. Checked it against my local cameras. It picked them all up and gave loads of prior warning. Wonderful piece of kit I would recommend this kit to all bikers its just what we need. We are in with a fighting chance with this kit. Buy it. 10/10

Inforad Car, Inforad Bike