How To Update

For all Inforad products:

Download Inforad Manager Software 3.6 onto your computer by clicking here.

Click here for Windows 7 & 8 additional update/installation instructions.

Once you have downloaded the Inforad Manager Software, its icon will appear on your computers desktop.

To update your Inforads database simply click on the Inforad Manager icon, and then connect your Inforad to your PC.

This will open the Inforad Manager Software. All you need to do is click on start and your Inforad will be updated automatically.

Inforad uses Europe's premier database of speed camera locations. This database is updated weekly by a dedicated team. We recommend that you update your Inforad at least monthly – especially if you are planning a trip on unfamiliar roads.

About the Inforad Manager Software...
The Inforad Manager Software has many useful features to help enhance your driving experience and make your journeys safer.

These features include:

  • Diagnostic
    ...helps check the functions of the unit and if the database has been successfully uploaded.
  • Trip Recorder
    ...manages the history of your trips - coming soon.
  • Settings can modify the approach time warnings on your Inforad.
  • Configuration can modify the settings of the Inforad Manager Software.
  • About
    ...displays all owner information and support links.
  • FAQ
    ...answers frequently asked questions.
  • Download Zone
    ...access to upgrades and other relevant files.
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