All versions of Inforad are really easy to use. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about the Inforad system. If you have any further questions there is a comprehensive FAQ section in the Inforad Manager software. If you need to talk to our helpline, please call 0844 232 3411.


What is GPS?

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a world-wide navigation system that sends out radio signals from 24 satellites orbiting the earth. GPS receivers such as INFORAD use these satellite signals to define their position to within a few metres, or to calculate the exact speed of the vehicle. The technology involved is highly reliable and is used all round the world. Vehicles, aircraft and ships navigate according to it, and thanks to this system ships or sailors in danger can be located immediately.

Updates and personal points of interest (POI's)

How do I update my Inforad?

An update service for Inforad users is available via the Inforad Manager application. Click here for full instructions in it's use.

How often should I update my Inforad to make sure I benefit from the best protection possible?

We recommend that you update your Inforad once a month, or each time you plan to take an unfamiliar journey.

What do I do If I want to register what I consider to be risk areas?

If when travelling you see something you wish to be alerted to in future ie a school or sharp bend. Press the insert button on the top of your Inforad at the location in question, and your Inforad will record the exact location and will alert you to that point every time.

Device failure?

What is the guarantee period & warranty procedure for my Inforad GPS warning system?

Your Inforad is guaranteed for a period of two years from the date of purchase.

If once you have read through the FAQ's you have been unable to resolve your Inforad problem then you can either email from your Inforad manager about section or call our customer service department 0844 232 3411.

If after referring to our FAQ's and calling our customer care line 0844 232 3411 you are still unable to resolve the issue you need to follow one of the below procedures.

Return policy and how to Return

Your RMA number is "valid" for only 14 days upon receipt. Only direct consumers/private individuals have the right to cancel any order related to the "Cooling off period" for a refund (items only - not freight/postage costs)

  • Pack the product securely with impact-absorbing materials (original packaging is preferred) and you must include all accessories.
  • In case of "Dead on Arrival" (or items that become faulty within the "Dead on Arrival" period) the item must be returned in the same standard as it was shipped out, including original packing and all accessories.
  • Enclose the RMA Authorization email or letter with the parcel (inside). Email: support@gpsinforad.com or call 0844 232 3411 to request this number.
  • Clearly mark the parcel with the RMA number that you receive from us.
  • The return parcel must be sent to our Return Department at your risk and expense. Returning the parcel back to you will be at Inforad's expense.
  • Standard RMA-routine is that the item is being shipped to us and will be tested - if confirmed faulty by Inforad, it will be repaired or replaced.
  • If the goods are returning under cooling-off, they must still be checked. If they pass the cooling-off conditions, a refund will be issued back to the original payment card.
  • Any shipment without a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number will need special treatment and the processing will be delayed.
  • The parcel must only be sent to us as a standard parcel via Royal Mail.

Items returned within the seven-day cooling off period

By law, customers located in the European Union also have the right to withdraw from the purchase of an item within seven working days of the day after the date the item is delivered. For more information review Your Statutory Rights.

Where you are withdrawing from your purchase within the seven working day cooling-off period, and there has been no error on our part, we will refund the full cost of the item on return to Inforad Ltd – Refunds will not include your postage costs:

  • We will refund only standard (Airmail) postage charges for items delivered that are Defective of D.O.A.
  • Where we collect an item from you, we reserve the right to recover the costs of collection from you.
  • We will at not be liable to make payment of postage to return an unwanted/gift unit.

Items returned under the Inforad Ltd extended 30-day return/refund guarantee

  • If your Inforad is under 30 days old from date of invoice please return to place of purchase. In order to qualify for a replacement unit or refund the product must be returned in as new condition, meaning there is no physical damage of any kind to the unit or components, and that all the contents are included (Main unit, instructions, USB lead, cigarette lighter adaptor, gel pad and box). If the product is not complete or is damaged, you will be refused a replacement or refund and asked to contact Inforad customer services on 0844 232 3411 who will arrange to replace any faulty part.
  • If your Inforad is more than 30 days old from date of purchase (Proof of purchase is mandatory) you must call customer services on 0844 232 3411 or email support@gpsinforad.com were it will be arranged for your unit to be repaired or faulty parts to be replaced.

PLEASE NOTE: Where you are withdrawing from your purchase 30 days after invoice and there has been no error on our part, we will refund only the cost of the item. We will not refund the cost of delivery or other services provided to you in connection with your purchase. If you use a COD return or courier were it is marked receiver pays on the return label, we will deduct the return postage costs from your overall refund.Any products that have been physically damaged will not be covered by the warranty.

Known Inforad Manager Software Problems

Click here for Windows 7 & 8 additional update/installation instructions.

Should you have a problem relating to the Inforad Device Manager Software then it is possible that you will need to contact technical support. Before you do so we would ask that you read the following before proceeding with an actual technical support call-back request as we have found that these points will generally resolve most issues.

  • Please check that the Inforad Device Manager has correctly been downloaded to your PC/Laptop/Notebook from www.gpsinforad.co.uk If this has not been done or you cannot find trace on your system please refer to the ‘Download & Register’ section on the website and follow on screen instructions. If you have correctly downloaded please read on.
  • The Inforad unit has to be connected and detected by the Inforad Manager software. Check the USB connection and the welcome page of Inforad Manager to ensure the Manager software has detected your Inforad. If the software has not detected or connected to your Inforad please try another USB Com port or ensure the item is correctly connected to current port. Also Inforad must be connected directly to your PC and not to a docking bay or USB hub. If it shows it is correctly connected please read the next point.
  • Inforad Manager needs an Internet connection to run all options properly. Please check that your ‘Broadband’ or ‘Dial Up Connections’ are running and connected properly. If you find that you do not have a connection please reinstate your connection. If your broadband or dial up connection is working please follow final point.
  • We have had some instances where there has been a conflict with presently installed virus software and personal firewalls. If all the steps above have been followed please check any virus/firewall software and either temporarily switch these off or lower the settings as necessary.

If after all these points are followed and problems still exist please refer to the ‘Technical Support’ link which can be found in the ‘About’ section in your Inforad Manager software. A form will need to be briefly filled in with the fault description. Detailed information about your connection will be sent automatically with your fault to technical support who will investigate the problem further and respond normally within 24 hours from receipt.

Known Hardware Problems

My Inforad cannot get a GPS signal

Inforad works straight out of the box and comes preloaded with a database. If you have plugged Inforad in to your vehicle and the green light flashes continuously this means that your Inforad has not found a GPS signal. In order to get a GPS signal your Inforad needs to see three satellites to triangulate your position. This lost of signal could be for a number of reasons and we would ask that you check the following first.

1. When you plug in your Inforad for the very first time it can sometimes take a little longer to acquire satellites. Please be patient it should not take more than 5 minutes at most.

2. It is easier for your Inforad to first acquire satellites when you are stationary and a brief wait whilst first starting is all that is normally required.

3. Your vehicle may have an athermic or comfort windscreen. This means that the vehicle has an invisible metal film between the laminate front windscreen that blocks out GPS signals. Unfortunately as these screens are not standard on most vehicles it is difficult to know whether it is on some vehicles. Checking with the manufacturer may help. If you already have your Inforad you can test to see if you have an athermic screen if the green light flashes constantly by holding the main control unit out of the window or sunroof a reasonable distance from the vehicle to see if you can acquire a GPS signal. Alternatively you could try the unit in another vehicle. If you try either of these options and the green light stops flashing and stays permanently green you have a GPS signal. If the green light continues to flash this would probably indicate the need for an additional aerial. The cost of an aerial is £19.99. Please visit our buy-online section. There will be an additional postage and packaging charge. The aerial comes with a 5 metre lead and has an adhesive pad and a magnetic base and is 1.5 inches square.

4. Your vehicle may have a heated front windscreen and this could also cause some signal loss. Please test as above. An additional aerial maybe required.

5. You are testing the unit too close to a building, trees or another obstruction and this can make it hard for your Inforad unit to be seen by three separate satellites the minimum that Inforad requires to operate correctly.

6. Make sure your Inforad is mounted as close to the front screen as possible. This is because the Inforad unit needs to be able to see three satellites at the same time and if the unit is not far enough forward the roof will make it difficult for the unit to see the satellites.

Legal Aspects and Protection

Is my Inforad a radar detector?

No, your Inforad is not a laser nor is it a radar detector. It uses its built-in GPS receiver to calculate its geographical position. Every second, your Inforads microprocessor compares your position against its database of risk areas.

Can I use my Inforad in other countries?

Inforad comes preloaded with European coverage. The database covers over 20,000 risk areas not only in the UK but also in France, Belgium, Netherlands & Switzerland. European coverage will be gradually extended to other countries as databases are developed. As legislation varies from one country to the other and is liable to change without notice, use of an Inforad product outside of the UK is at the owners discretion. It is imperative that all users check if the product is legal to use in the countries in which they are travelling.

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